Mr Bear Testimonials

Comment from a parent

“I loved watching the trial of Mr Bear with my daughter. It allowed her to see the format of a proper trial (and in such a dramatic and prestigious setting), with safe, appropriate and accessible subject matter – this is not something she would have otherwise been able to see. I was surprised by my daughter’s immediate desire to talk about why she thought Mr Bear was innocent. The video allowed us to discuss topics surrounding peer pressure, intention, consequences of actions and other peoples sometimes hidden motivations for saying things. The barristers and Judge made this trial entertaining and thought provoking – not an easy task for an 8 year old audience. The trial of Mr Bear was an accessible and important introduction for my daughter, not only to the legal system but of a way of looking at and unpicking problems.


Comment from St Christopher’s Hampstead head teacher, Susie West

‘It was much enjoyed. One of the girls commented: ‘ It makes you realise that if you start to lie it can get a bit difficult to keep it all going.’ All the girls enjoyed the visual process of the law and the attending to precise detail. There was much discussion as to WHY the little details are so important when trying to establish the truth from two differing perspectives.  The girls appreciated the difference between this fairly obvious example of Mr Bear not being straightforward (trying to shift the blame for his behaviour onto some one else) and a real criminal trial.’


Comments from Cedar Road Primary principal Kay Gerrett and teacher Sarah Adwinkle

‘I just wanted to thank you for all your enthusiasm and for offering us the opportunity Euan. Our children got lots out of it as I knew they would – Sarah is a fabulous teacher and I knew she would give it her best efforts.  I am very pleased that you are happy with the outcome, I know that I was certainly very proud of them as well. The Year 4 pupils had an excellent retention of what had happened, with a very good understanding of the process, and they were able to relate it to the real life court situation. Also their questions and thinking was on a deep level. The comments from the children were most illuminating. One has told us that it has reinforced her desire to take up this sort of career. Another set of parents has emailed me and told me that their son talked all about it and doesn’t usually talk about school at home. One of them has also said that it helped them to develop their thinking. Some of them talk about Judge Rinder and have started to watch this. They are asking to see the final video. The year 3 class teacher said that she loved it and would like to be involved more next year. Sarah and I are both passionate about giving children as many varied experiences as possible and love external learning opportunities which bring in another dimension and widen their knowledge of the wider world.’ 

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