Persuasion Case Study

Art of Persuasion case study            

Skye Reynolds (school pupil, Skegness)

Immediately after an Art of Persuasion visit

‘I would like to pursue a career in law because I feel that I always work best when faced with a challenge, and I think that the law profession will challenge me the most. I find Law very interesting as it touches every aspect of our lives, and adapts to an ever-changing society. Also nobody in my family has gone to university or had a professional career, and therefore I would like to make something out of myself. I am currently in year 12 and attending Skegness Grammar School. I have always been interested in law and considered pursuing a career in the field. However, it was last year’s Kalisher event at my school that cemented my thoughts on wanting to work in this field and to pursue my ambitions. This was because I found it very inspiring talking to some of the Kalisher trustees about their experiences and what the profession entails.’


After her Mini pupillage

‘During the October half term I had the privilege of shadowing Max Hardy and Caroline Haughey at Wood Green Crown Court London. It was an invaluable experience and really opened my eyes and gave me an insight into the life of a barrister. On my first day I found it very nerve-racking as I was unaware of what to expect as I had never been in a court before this experience.  However I was welcomed warmly by Max and Caroline and my nerves soon faded. On my first day I learnt the simple formalities such as how to address the judge when entering or leaving court. Throughout the week I learnt many legal terms and procedures and I got given tasks that would help Max and Caroline through their court case such as having to type what the witness said in reply to a cross examination over video link. Furthermore, from the week I met many new and interesting people, from barristers and solicitors to people doing pupillages, gaining a few contacts along the way. I also got the great opportunity during the week to attend a sentencing at the same court. The whole experience has boosted my confidence and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although before I wanted to pursue a law career, it had increased my desire and made me more determined to do so. I am very grateful to all concerned that made this possible and gave me this experience.’


Her decision to study law

‘I would be more than happy for you to quote my letter at the DRET meeting. The only thing I would like to add/emphasise that the Kalisher mini pupillage was invaluable experience and helped make my final decision to study law at university and I believe this also helped with my university application.  I’d like to thank you once again for the opportunity’.


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