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The Kalisher Trust has partnerships with a number of the busiest and most prestigious legal organisations in the UK and further afield. These internships offer talented future barristers an opportunity to gain invaluable experience before coming to the Bar. Our partnerships also give young practitioners a unique opportunity to work in some of the most exciting areas of law and broaden their experience at the start of their practice.

Kalisher interns secure an insight into complex casework, case management and in-depth legal research. The internships and placements offer real involvement in day-to-day legal work, helping young barristers progress towards a long and fruitful career at the criminal bar.

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Current opportunities include:

Kalisher have also previously sponsored an internship at the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies (CCPS) in Uganda.


Testimonials from Former Interns:


Pippa Woodrow – CCPS Intern 2013-14

My experience in Uganda was utterly transformative. Through the support of the Trust I was able to work towards securing the release of over 200 inmates from death row. I was involved in extremely high level work throughout my internship including training judges and lawyers, drafting guidelines for sentencing and drafting legal submissions for real cases. This experience has given me much more confidence in starting my pupillage, and the skills I learnt have been invaluable. My internship has also led to a number of further opportunities as it is a fantastic thing to be able to talk about!


Poppy Bourke – CCPS Intern 2012

Poppy Bourke with paralegals Julian Nabassa, Doreen Nakajubi and Juliana Namirembe

Through their generous provision of the internship, The Kalisher Trust has facilitated my development of several of the qualities essential for succeeding at the bar. What’s more, it has strengthened my resolve to devote my career to the criminal bar, despite its increasingly uncertain future. I hope to use my practice to continue to uphold those values which CCPS seeks to promote, and defend the core principles and foundations of the criminal justice system.


Penny Symeou – JUSTICE intern 2012

Trying to establish yourself as a prospective pupil at the Criminal Bar is a colossally difficult ambition that can produce very mixed emotions. The majority of those wishing to become advocates are not reflective of the diverse society in which we live in. Nor are the statistics much better in respect of those who obtain pupillage. 

As an aspiring barrister seeking pupillage in such a climate, it is a daunting experience, which can seem all the more difficult when one compares one’s comprehensive schooling and legal related experience with that of competitors. The Kalisher Trust is a unique charity that offers aspiring pupils like myself the opportunity to undertake internships that would not otherwise be possible. The practical and academic experience I will gain working at Justice is invaluable to me, as is the acknowledgment from the Kalisher Trust in awarding me this internship that I have the qualities needed to succeed at the Bar. 


David Weeks – Intern at CCRC 2012

David Weeks and Kelly Wilson, interns with the CCRC in 2012
David Weeks and Kelly Wilson, interns with the CCRC in 2012

I have just had the pleasure of spending six months at the Criminal Cases Review Commission, sponsored by the Kalisher Trust. It is with some sadness that this position has come to an end as it has been a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into complex criminal casework. My time at the Commission has enabled me to work on a range of complex murder, rape, and section 18 grievous bodily harm cases – work which one would not normally be exposed to for a number of years in practice. It has given me an invaluable insight into an organisation which plays an essential role in our legal system. I wish to sincerely thank the Kalisher Trust not only for providing me with financial support, but also with an experience which has proved invaluable in developing many of the skills required of a practising barrister. The internship has opened doors for me and has given me the determination and confidence to pursue a career at the Bar. Without my time at the CCRC and the support of the Kalisher Trust it is likely that the idea of a career at the Bar would still be that of a distant dream. For that, I will forever be indebted to the Kalisher Trust

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