The Art of Persuasion


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Kalisher has developed a very successful ‘Art of Persuasion’ day to show how inspiring advocacy works in practice. It focuses on a specific element of early intervention by offering pupils aged 15-17 an unrivalled insight into the world of aspiration and achievement, as well as providing opportunities for mentoring and positive role modelling.

Our experience shows that intelligent young minds benefit from stimulating challenge, and the ‘Art of Persuasion’ crosses ethnic, cultural, religious and social barriers to reach into communities of youngsters, many of whom leap at the chance to develop their intellectual curiosity. We challenge pupils with ‘inspiring advocacy’ and help them stand on their feet to speak with confidence and authority when it really matters.

In highly structured programmes, pupils revel in the opportunity to witness and then demonstrate quick wits and mental agility. They begin to realize that it is exciting to exceed expectation, particularly if this ambition has been limited by negative peer group opinion or social disadvantage. Kalisher judges and barristers take no prisoners as they pursue excellence in delivering outreach programmes: we expect (and get) a similar commitment from the schools we visit.

These very engaging and hands-on workshops,delivered by eminent gchild standingroups of barristers, QCs and judges, help prepare young people for life after school by enabling them to develop sound investigative skills, put forward clear and concise arguments and build their confidence in presenting to an audience – all valuable life-skills.’   DRET Trustee

‘The whole experience has boosted my confidence and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although before I wanted to pursue a law career, it has increased my desire and made me more determined to do so.’ A Skegness pupil

max hill front ‘ I am normally quite quiet when it comes to speaking out loud to a group, but today the Kalisher trust taught me how to use a confident and convincing voice by demonstrating it to me.’A London pupil


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Glimpses of the Art of Persuasion in action can be seen by pressing the link.Kirsten to organize a Kalisher Vimeo a/c with hook up to u tube In the meantime, glimpses of the Art of Persuasion in action can be seen at   password: KAL189fn and training video password: KAL2oi





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