The Trial of Mr Bear

In October 2015 a teddy bear was put on trial in the Old Bailey. He was found not guilty.

The aim of producing this educational DVD for primary school pupils aged 7-9 is to help young pupils understand and engage with legal concepts in the context of values, rights, responsibilities and other elements of citizenship.

On our journey to teach legal skills and concepts to the jurors of the future, we commissioned a script, trialled them with the assistance of staff and pupils from the independent and maintained sectors, and consulted legal and educational experts, including an experienced children’s author.

The trial of Mr Bear’ DVD was shown to Cedar Road primary school (a DRET school in Northampton) to help us understand the true impact of the material on pupils of this age, both for Distance Travelled Methodological purposes and to help plan our strategy for the future.

The Year 4 pupils had an excellent retention of what had happened, with a very good understanding of the process, and they were able to relate it to the real life court situation. Also their questions and thinking was on a deep level. The comments from the children were most illuminating. One has told us that it has reinforced her desire to take up this sort of career. Another set of parents has emailed me and told me that their son talked all about it and doesn’t usually talk about school at home. One of them has also said that it helped them to develop their thinking.’ – Cedar Road Principal Kay Gerrett

Building on the success of the Trial of Mr Bear DVD we hope to develop a series of educational DVDs for Years 4-7 to leave a permanent and indelible Kalisher stamp on the educational system to inform and educate young jurors of the future. These unique educational tools will be filmed in the Old Bailey with real judges and barristers.

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