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View from a solicitor

Thank you very much for inviting me to the Kalisher educational outreach day in Sheffield. I thought it was an outstanding and inspirational event capped by the fantastic performance of all the children in the tribunal sessions. Despite the understandable frustrations caused by competing interests, the event surpassed all my expectations and I’m sure will have given those children an experience they will greatly value for the future. I thought the team of barristers and judges you had assembled did a first rate job in coaching and inspiring the children particularly given the limited amount of time they had. I would be delighted to assist with future events and/or to suggest other professionals who might make a valuable contribution.

John Kelleher


View from Sheffield University widening participation team faculty outreach activities officer

Thank you all, for the incredible amount of hard work and commitment you all gave, to help us deliver a really high quality event on Monday. From the planning to the academic input, the entire day was a joy to be a part of. The pupils definitely had a really good day and very quickly became engaged in the talks and activity which was very pleasing. All pupils took an interest in the tasks and it was clear to see how the confidence in the room grew as the day matured. That is not an easy thing to achieve but is a result of your hard work prior to the day. The teaching staff and pupils were very thankful at the end of the day; you could tell the long journey over was well worth it. I look forward to reading the evaluation results which we will receive in the coming weeks. I will of course share these with you once I receive them. The photos from the day are now uploaded and stored in a Flickr album which you can view here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskbtjTzT.

You can view, download and use the pictures for professional publications you see fit; we have pupil permissions to do so. Please share with us any media that may come of this event so we can also share. Thank you once again.

Joe Hartley


View from a student

I am writing on behalf of the pupils and staff that attended Sheffield University for the Advocacy and UCAS day on 22 June 2015. We should like to express our immense gratitude for allowing us to visit your fantastic university and participate in the outstanding activities and role play work. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and in particular your substantial input. You provided a memorable part in the proceedings which will remain with us all for a long time. The day would not have had the same upbeat pace and feeling which was achieved without the support of the Kalisher Trust and DRET Trustees. Please could you extend our thanks to the team you helped assemble who ensured the day ran smoothly and befitted all. The whole day was fantastic, from the food, the organization and all of the guests who had an inspirational impact. The UCAS personal statement session was a huge aid to me on a personal level and to my fellow students; it provided us with the first steps towards developing our applications. Not only did the day provide us with the educational facilities through the UCAS session, the campus tour was also invaluable as we had the opportunity to view the university, guided by those who know best. There is no doubt that your presence put people at their ease though your inviting and personal style. Additionally the interaction you made with all pupils certainly motivated all groups to work harder and feel more comfortable when preparing our presentations. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Jessica Hall Yr 12 student

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