Working partners

Working partners

The Kalisher Trust is only as good as the quality and commitment of its working partners: schools, universities, legal sector organisations and the acting profession. The Trust takes enormous pride in these relationships and its Trustees are proud to trumpet far and wide the successes of the many individuals whose lives have been transformed by Kalisher.

Working with primary and secondary schools, the Trust’s education outreach programme has touched the lives of large numbers of youngsters, exciting them with ‘inspiring advocacy’. We do not talk at pupils and staff, but engage them with dynamic exercises that challenge, intrigue and provoke. The full range of our education outreach programmes can be found here.

Working with a wide range of universities, and in particular, law faculties, law students and those interested in pursuing a career in the criminal Bar, Kalisher is able to support and inspire youngsters in the transition from school to career development. The Trust accordingly offers post graduate scholarships at Wadham College, Oxford University, Birmingham University, and Queen Mary, University of London.

Our work with legal sector organisations is gathering momentum. We have an increasing number of barristers’ Chambers and law firms, who support Kalisher outreach activity and provide internship opportunities for secondary school pupils on a competitive entry basis.

Legal internships with prestigious organisations such as JUSTICE, the CCRC, City of London Police and Amicus are already up and running, with others in the pipeline.

The Trust advises on and organises the Old Bailey Apprenticeship for the City of London sponsored academies. It is also involved in the 2017 Times-Kingsley Napley Advocacy competition, providing training on ‘inspiring advocacy’, mentoring for legal advocates on interactive pupil engagement and providing key members of the judging panel.

Another important working partner is the acting profession, which has become an integral part of the Trust’s armoury. The Trust’s probono artistic director, Joe Harmston, has produced an outstanding series of highly popular fundraising productions, held in the Royal Courts of Justice, the Temple Church, and Middle Temple Hall. The very distinguished Kalisher Players, headed by Patron and Vice President Martin Shaw, come together under the director’s dynamic sway to give unique and often groundbreaking performances that thrill, excite and entertain.

All our partner organisations share the same goals: to give exciting opportunities to deserving individuals and to give richly, often at considerable personal cost, to the valuable work done by the Kalisher Trust.

If reading about our work excites you and you would like to get involved, please get in touch.