Academy Trusts

The sponsors of academy trusts invariably possess two things that chime with the Kalisher Trust’s vision: an immense gratitude for life’s good fortune and a desire to give back to the community by supporting best educational practice. In many academy chains, enrichment activity lies at the heart of a sponsor’s bequest because it is acknowledged that a school pupil’s academic progress must be matched with a wider and deeper aspiration to be successful across the board.

The Kalisher Trust’s aim of ‘inspiring advocacy’ runs through its education outreach programmes and allows a culture of confidence in public speaking to develop across the different schools and age ranges within an academy chain. Successful business men and women understand the need for investment; the commitment to a three to five year programme with the Kalisher Trust allows the opportunity to measure the full impact of such enrichment activity through ‘distance travelled methodological assessments’ and soft outcome confidential questionnaires.

Confidence in the spoken word allows strong leadership to develop. It also provides increased opportunities for competitive activity involving different schools within each academy chain. And for many pupils, success in public speaking can open up avenues for career development that can complement and often exceed academic attainment.

If you sponsor an Academy and you are interested in exploring further, please contact our Chairman, Max Hill QC.