How we help

The Kalisher Trust is a legal charity which helps young people develop the power of advocacy and supports those who aspire to become criminal barristers.  We run an extensive programme, which includes a dedicated education arm.

We seek young people of exceptional talent and modest means, no matter what their social or ethnic background. Since our inception in 1996 we have helped hundreds of youngsters, from those taking GCSEs to young barristers, as they work toward success in this most demanding profession.

We help in numerous ways; by offering bursaries and University scholarships, the opportunity to become the Old Bailey apprentice, mini internships, tailored presentation courses, DVDs for primary school children, legal internships at some of the legal world’s most prestigious organisations, an essay prize which is pound-for-word one of the most lucrative, and an intensive advocacy course which pushes and polishes to world class standards.

Our education outreach team provides bespoke educational experiences to schools; teaching and mentoring teenagers as they make the leap from school to university and beyond.