Support & Sponsorship

Support & Sponsorship

The Kalisher Trust helps young people develop the power of advocacy and supports those who aspire to become criminal barristers. As a charity, the Trust is wholly reliant on sponsorship, support and donations from private individuals, high net worth entrepreneurs, businesses, other organisations and members of the legal profession.

The Trust has no paid full-time staff and most of those involved give their time on a voluntary basis. This ensures that we have very low running costs, so a consistently high percentage of all funds raised goes directly to the support and encouragement of disadvantaged young people, to develop their advocacy skills and to help those who are so minded towards successful careers at the criminal Bar.

If you are inspired by the work of the Kalisher Trust, there are several ways in which you can help.

Corporate sponsors

To discuss how your organisation might sponsor the work of the Kalisher Trust, please email, Legal Assistant to our Chairman, Max Hill, QC.

Private sponsors

We value your help for our work through private sponsorship. Please email, Legal Assistant to our Chairman, Max Hill, QC to discuss how you can help.


Please email our Treasurer, Ed Vickers, QC –

Friends of Kalisher

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