Amicus is a charity that helps provide legal representation to those facing execution in the US. The charity aims to provide better access to justice and to raise awareness of potential abuses of defendants’ rights. Amicus’ work is three-fold:


Amicus places legal interns in pre-trial, appellate and research capital defence offices throughout the US. Many such offices operate within severe funding constraints, and Amicus interns provide vital support.


Amicus’ casework programme provides remote assistance to US capital defenders faced with tight timescales and limited deadlines. Amicus co-ordinates up to 200 caseworkers in firms and chambers across London.

Raising awareness:

In order to highlight the injustices of death row, Amicus holds a variety of awareness-raising events, including comprehensive training sessions on US capital defence law and procedure. It also publishes a monthly newsletter and an academic journal.

The Kalisher intern is based in an Amicus-affiliated capital defence office in the US.

The successful applicant for the 2017 vacancy is Jodie Woodward. Future vacancies for the Kalisher internship with Amicus will be advertised on this website.

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