Legal internships

Legal Internships

The Kalisher Trust funds a variety of legal internships designed either to prepare an individual to enter the Criminal Bar, or to strengthen a junior barrister’s practice by expanding their knowledge and experience, and helping them to forge professional relationships. Often internships are unfunded, which prohibits those from less affluent backgrounds undertaking such employment. The Kalisher Trust therefore works in partnership with legal organisations and NGOs to offer funded internships.

The Kalisher Trust offers internships in partnership with the following prestigious organisations:

Future internship opportunities will be advertised on this website as and when they arise.

Criteria for Kalisher Internships

All applicants for internships will be judged against the Kalisher Trust’s criteria for awards. All internships are intended to encourage those intending to, or already practising at the Criminal Bar, who demonstrate “exceptional promise but modest means”. Amongst the qualities we look for in candidates are:-

  • Intellectual ability: demonstrated by academic performance, past work, activities and other experience
  • Motivation to succeed at the Criminal Bar: including steps taken to acquire the personal skills required of a Barrister, and a demonstration of the will to succeed
  • Potential as an advocate: both in oral and written skills
  • Personal qualities: including self-reliance, independence, integrity, reliability and humanity
  • Financial need: candidates may be asked to supply to the interview panel, in confidence, information demonstrating financial need.