Education outreach: ‘Inspiring advocacy’

Education Outreach

The central aim of Kalisher education outreach is to challenge and to excite youngsters of different ages, helping them find articulate and persuasive voices, using the formidable and highly developed skills of the barrister. This ‘inspiring advocacy’ programme shows young people they can speak confidently and effectively in a way which will change lives – theirs and those of others.

Origins and development

After a 2012 pilot programme in London and the Midlands called The Art of Persuasion, more activities have been added for a wider age range as funding streams have become available.

Interactive participation

Talking with pupils, rather than at them, is a hallmark of Kalisher education outreach programmes. This can be seen in the broad range of our activities: interactive UCAS Days (Years 12-13) at Russell Group universities; Law Experience days (Years 10-11) at the Royal Courts of Justice and Old Bailey; unlocking the secrets of Debating and presentation skills (Years 7-11), and educating the jurors and lawyers of the future (Years 4-6) with Primary school DVDs filmed in the Old Bailey.

Assurance and self belief

Experienced Kalisher educational practitioners and trustees from the legal profession demonstrate and then tutor pupils in rhetorical and persuasive skills which help develop a growing inner confidence. The education outreach programme has flourished because sponsors recognise that ‘inspiring advocacy’ gives young adults composure, assurance and self-belief.

Who benefits

The Kalisher education outreach programme is delivered in areas of significant deprivation because we believe the impact of inspiring advocacy can be transformative. Building on support from home and school, we reinforce the belief that clear articulation of an argument and dispassionate presentation help pupils get better exam results, apprenticeships, jobs and university places.

Everyone benefits from a Kalisher programme; not just future lawyers, but engineers, beauticians, lorry drivers – thousands of whom will be jurors. We are currently developing a national Art of Persuasion programme based on the six Circuits [judicial regions], inspiring hundreds of school pupils and encouraging and supporting anyone who expresses an interest in the law.

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