Primary school DVDs

The Trial of Mr Bear and Crown v Goldilocks (Years 3-4)

Kalisher has produced two DVDs for primary school pupils aged 7-9. The first is called The Trial of Mr Bear, the second is called Crown v Goldilocks (Years 3-4). Both were filmed in the Old Bailey.

Each short film adapts a familiar story to show young people fairness and moral behaviour that is underpinned by tested evidence. They also help them understand and engage with legal concepts in the context of values, rights, responsibilities and other elements of citizenship.

Challenging young minds

Kalisher believes that sophisticated issues can be addressed by children if presented in the appropriate framework.

On our journey to teach legal skills and concepts to the jurors of the future, we commissioned a script, put it through trials with the help of staff and pupils from the maintained and independent sectors, and consulted legal and educational experts, including an experienced children’s author.

The actors in both DVDs are Kalisher trustees and patrons. Entertaining, quite complicated and very well received, the DVDs have been stunningly successful. The formula is infinitely adaptable to age and circumstance.

Working with schools

In preparation for watching the DVDs, teachers in PSCHE (Personal Social Citizenship Health Education) lessons introduce legal concepts on truth, honesty, right and wrong, friendship, the power of the group, as well as the importance of evidence, innocence and guilt.  Pupils also learn about the framework of the court system and the roles of judges and barrister.

In feedback, a Northampton primary school head said about the pupils,

“They had an excellent retention of what had happened, with a very good understanding of the process, and they were able to relate it to the real life court situation. Also their questions and thinking were on a deep level. Their comments were most illuminating. One has told us that it has reinforced her desire to take up this sort of career. Another set of parents has emailed me and told me that their son talked all about it and doesn’t usually talk about school at home.”
Kay Gerrett, Principal

Curriculum development

Schools considering whether to use the two DVDs for educational purposes may be interested to know that we also have separate films of primary school children actually watching and relating to both DVDs. For obvious reasons of child protection these films are not available on the website but should school heads wish to see them, as part of their decision making process, a private viewing may be arranged, subject to the necessary protocol.

With further funding, the Trust intends to produce more educational DVDs, again filmed in suitable judicial locations, and to commission accompanying booklets/visual material on different media platforms. If you or your organisation is interested in funding such a DVD programme, please click contact us directly.