Debating & presentation skills

It is widely recognised that debating equalises the life chances of underprivileged children and that stimulating extra curricular activity at a young age is a major factor in helping develop confidence. Kalisher debating and presentation skills tuition allows pupils to see how inspiring advocacy works in practice. If you can hold your own in front of your peers and classmates, you are well on your way to a promising future.


Kalisher debating and presentation skills programmes (Years 7-11) embed a culture of public speaking in schools and foster confidence in developing the skills of the young advocate.

Confidence to develop the skills of the advocate

Experienced Kalisher teachers and barristers travel far and wide to give regular debating and presentation skills tuition, starting with training sessions for teachers and following up with a confidence building programme throughout the year. Tutorials in small groups, with regular external support and advice, help pupils to present themselves strongly in any public forum.

Performing on stage

Finding a strong voice in presentation skills workshops (Years 7-8), Kalisher debating competitions (Years 9-11) are hugely popular events, generating massive excitement about appearing on a bigger stage. Success is achieved because of the quality and continuity of the programmes, the enthusiasm of all involved, and the exciting discoveries of self-confidence along the way.

The highest expectations

A distinguished panel of judges and eminent figures from public life make the whole event a life enhancing experience. Outstanding examples of distance travelled methodology can be seen in action, pupils straining every fibre of their beings to shine, many brilliantly.

One deputy head‘s testimonial exemplifies the power of ‘inspiring advocacy’: “It is truly remarkable to see the transformation following the personalised feedback. To watch our pupils – nervous, self-conscious, and often shy – strut onto the stage and perform with gusto, after only a few sessions, is almost heart stopping.”